We are a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of fashion accessories for women, unique, handmade and sustainable.

The name means Terra Nova with the Maya language, the origin of our idea of creating a connection between Maies and the indigenous communities of the world, in this case Europe. After living a season very close to this culture, this is where we get and import essential materials from our project, the Mecapal and the pom poms and we collaborate with the preservation of these traditional arts.

The Mayan indigenous communities are distributed throughout Central America, in our case we find the Yucatan and Chiapas regions in southeastern Mexico. These peoples follow a social and economic rhythm that is different from the rest of the citizens of other parts of the country. They try to survive and adapt today through their manual work taking advantage of the tourism that these regions receive. Thus, with their crafts, they travel many km to reach the big markets of cities like Valladolid, Mérida or San Cristóbal de las Casas to sell their “works.” These textile arts stand out for fabrics with Waistcoat and Handlead with traditional Mayan designs on huipiles, scarves and scarves.

Our work is done in the province of Barcelona and all made by hand. We try to take care of the finishes, since each detail is what makes them different and unique. We do not have a production in series, each NUSCAA product is made individually and we use eco-friendly materials, such as jute, because it is our goal to take care of and contribute to the conservation of the planet. Here are some of our materials:


Sacs de Jute

It is the main material that our products are made of. Jute is a durable, biodegradable, durable material. We use jute bags, recycled and previously treated with organic products. The vast majority of bags are marked by companies that gave their first life.


La Pell

Our leather is made of high quality laminated, made in Italy, soft and flexible, adapting perfectly to our designs of bags. We have different colors to match the diversity of colors we use with the Mecapal.


Tela de cotó

We use 100% cotton cloth of two types, full of chocolate and multicolored print. This second comes from the region of Northern Catalonia, more than 100 years of manufacture, Les Toiles du Soleil still has its doors open to offer us a brutal fabric.


El Mecapal

It is a Mexican art, original of the ancient Mayan cultures, being a very common accessory since it served to transport goods. It consisted of a ribbon of tissue, which is tied by the ends with strings, which fits the object that is loaded. Our handbags are made with these handmade tapes with Handlebar.



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